Why Game Studios Need to take their time

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Why Game Studios Need to take their time

Halo The Master Chief Collection, if the first thing that came to your mind after reading that was “broken”, you’re not alone. It seems there has been a semi-steady stream of games with major problems fresh out of the box; games like Driveclub, Assassin’s Creed Unity and many others. For AAA games, surely they have been put through SOME kind of quality test…right?

Certainly we can hope they would, but the problems with these games seem so overwhelmingly obvious to just about everyone playing them that at this point it’s hard to defend the studios. If this starts becoming a trend, it’s going to be serious problem. Not just for the developer or studio, but for all of us as gamers.

If this starts trending, we can expect more and more games broken, fresh out of the box and more and more day one patches. Sure sometimes there are glitches and such that sneak past quality control but game breaking issues that affect the majority of players are unacceptable. Now, when we buy these games from the same studios day one and already know of past problems and buy them anyway, this tells the studios and developers that it’s ok. This is a trend that we as gamers need to stop before it becomes the norm. Games should not be released if months after its launch, we are all still waiting on patches before we can actually play the game we bought.

Looking forward into 2015, we can only hope and pray that the developers and studios catch on, that they will realize the huge mistakes made, the damaging criticisms and reviews, and simply refuse to issue another title with the same issues.

2015 is a new year, be cautious, but keep gaming!


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