Trading Card Games – Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh

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Since we have renovated we have had several customers per week bring in their card collections for trade!

Whether you play or collect, we have something for you, commons to Rares.

What are our current prices?

Pokemon Trading Cards

Energy Cards – 0.10 ea

Common Cards – 0.25 ea.

UnCommon Cards – 0.50 ea.

Common Holo Cards – 0.50 ea.

UnCommon Holo Cards – 0.75 ea.

General Rares – 0.95 ea.

Booster Packs – 3.50 ea.

MtG Magic the Gathering Cards

Basic Lands – 0.10 ea.

Common Cards – 0.25 ea.

UnCommon Cards – 0.50 ea.

Rares, Foils, etc… (individually priced)

Booster Packs – 3.25 ea.

Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

Commons + Uncommons – 0.35 ea.

Boosters from 2.95 to 3.50 ea.

Feeling the need to pre-order the new booster boxes for Pokemon/Magic? Only 98.95 plus tax guarantees you the whole box!

We have thousands of cards! And HUNDREDS of rare Holos/Foils and the more sought after rares in our binders!

Our stock is always changing. Come and take a look to see what we have today.


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