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Why Game Studios Need to take their time Halo The Master Chief Collection, if the first thing that came to your mind after reading that was “broken”, you’re not alone. It seems there has been a semi-steady stream of games… Read More »

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The Lucky Holidays Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are gone, we are left we retail prices. The crazy deals and awesome bundles all had their time, but what if you didn’t get in on those awesome specials? Well… Read More »

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How to get top dollar for your trades at UGA There is an inconvenient truth that reins true for every business. Time is money. Business’ with very little time do very little proactive work. But the proactive work is what… Read More »

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Retro Gamers: Live like a video game Retro Gamers – Would you wan’t to play a video game that right at the very start of it, you had every weapon, spell, power up, armor piece and skill point at your… Read More »

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GameStops Plan: Shut Down 120 Locations. Why? Once a business gets so big, they lose track of the small things and hone in on the big picture. However, when you lose track of 100 small things, it becomes 1 really… Read More »