So… we had big plans to get this pre-order portion of the website up and going. However, we have found that is much easier to simply stop in to put down a pre-order than to pay on the website. Besides, you get to deal with us. And we’re awesome.

Pre-Order for only $5.00 Down!

2 things you should KNOW about New Video Games and UGA Games

1. GameStop makes it seem like they get SPECIAL pre-orders, when the fact is, nearly every distributor of new games has the exact same game. So, next time GameStop says ‘pre-order and get- special weapons, battle armor, skins, etc..’ just know. We all get those with the ‘special’ add-ons.

2. Our prices are simply less expensive. The highest we stock new video games is $58.95 (excluding the collectors editions/special editions). Simply put, we have the best new game prices in town.

Stop on it today and pre-order copies for your favorite up and coming video games!