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d6 Meteorite Dwarven Stones

d6 Meteorite Dwarven Stones

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    Floating around for perhaps billions of years, meteorites are some to the rarest objects on Earth. There is far less total known meteorite material on Earth, counting all known varieties, than there is gold, platinum, emeralds, rubies, or sapphires. The artisans of Crystal Caste turned some of this wondrous material into Dwarven Stones.

    Name: Ghubara

    Location: Oman, 19'13'40"N 56'08'34" E

    Found: 1954

    Classification: Chondrite, Ordinary (L5), black, xenolithic

    Approx. Recovered Weight: 4kg

    Found on the surface of the desert, the stones are fresh internally, and the crust only slightly weathered.

    Total Known Weight (TKW): 9+ stones @ 100+Kg

    Sources: Meteorites from A to Z, 2nd ed. Jensen, Jensen & Black Catalogue of Meteorites, 5th ed.,Cambridge University Press

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