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Hobby Starter Set

Hobby Starter Set

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    The Hobby Starter Set provides you with the basic glues, paints and basing materials you'll need in order to begin painting and modelling your miniature collection. With a built in saving, the Hobby Starter Set is also one of the most cost effective ways to begin or add to your paint collection. This box set contains nine 12ml pots of Citadel paint, including: Calthan Brown, Iyanden Darksun, Knarloc Green, Tallarn Flesh, Mordian Blue, Undercoat Black, White, Gunmetal and Mechrite Red. Also included are a paintbrush, a 20g tube of Plastic Glue, a 20ml tube of PVA glue, one 5g tub of static grass, one 45g tub of sand and a set of Plastic Cutters.
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